MPH/KPH Speedometer

Universal iOS App that displays your current speed on a smooth analog dial.

• The white needle records your maximum speed. To reset your maximum speed simply swipe down on the dial of the speedometer.

• Four green lights indicate current GPS accuracy, use outside for best results.

• You can also set a speed which when exceeded the red light on the dial will illuminate.

• You can switch easily between mph or kph mode.

• Double tap speedometer to zoom on the iPhone®.

• High speed mode can be enabled from the settings that increases the maximum speed of the speedometer. Normal modes supports speeds up to 120mph/200kph, high speed mode supports speeds up to 180mph/280kph.

• Requires a device with GPS and location services enabled.

Download from the App StoreSM.



  • Added option of an audio alert over a certain speed.


  • Updated for iPhone 5.


  • Minor tweaks and improvements.


  • Updated for new iPad® retina screen


  • Added multiple dial colours.


  • Added zoomed view on iPhone.


  • Now supports landscape mode on iPhone.


  • Updated to universal app now supports iPad.